Epochs of Us – A Duet with Emily

Epochs of Us ~ A Duet – http://wp.me/p7gzR3-13k

What an amazing opportunity it was to work with Emily on this poem about two souls finding each other over and over again across the ocean of time.

She has a magnificent style and a flare all her own. And it was pure joy to see how her words would meld together with mine to produce this.

Emily, it was truly a pleasure and we must do it again very soon!

You can follow the link to her wonderful blog at Emily’s Poetry

She has a magnificent voice too, definitely listen to the audio!

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27 Responses to Epochs of Us – A Duet with Emily

  1. Nicely done. Indeed Em is an amazing poet

  2. Rita says:

    Love it, lil’ bro. An outstanding collaboration

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you, Beautiful. Your an amazing poet too! 🙂 💙

  4. augustmacgregor says:

    I’ll repeat what I wrote on Em’s comments, as I wanted you to read it, too: This is a wonderfully entertaining read… like a love story with a time machine. I really enjoyed this. A standing ovation to both of you!

  5. You both blended beautifully! Wonderful duet! ❤️

  6. maharedwynn says:

    I’m catching up! This is wonderful. What a lovely collaboration!

  7. This was great, loved the collaboration. Brought here by ems post and really glad I was. Loving your work!

  8. Geetha B says:

    Lovely collaboration. I visited her page earlier via feu Kosmogonic sharing too but did not get to see more as I am hardly catching up on those I follow already. Gave it another shot today and she does write beautifully so will add her to my followed list although am really not consistent with my reading these days.

  9. Beautiful! Well done.

  10. Romantic reincarnation. 💗 I love this collaboration you two have created. Wonderful.

  11. moonskittles says:

    What an amazing collab. Both did an incredible job! Loved it!

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