“Bacchante” 1899 William Adolph Bouguereau Oil on Canvas

Her laughter
was a rolling crystal cloud
of sunshine and mirth
and to hear
its mellifluous timbre
was to be
at the doorstep of Dionysus

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28 Responses to Bacchante…

  1. Mr Modigliani says:

    Love Bouguereau and you captured the essence of this painting and mythological romantic figure perfectly

    • Eric says:

      Thanks MM! I discovered some of his work recently along with Waterhouse researching mythological paintings. I was absolutely stunned by her realism. And Waterhouse’s works are equally breath-taking.

  2. Mellifluous… such a lovely word. Wonderful, Eric!

  3. Butterfly Effect says:


  4. Great images, as always. Well done!

  5. Heartafire says:

    very beautiful Eric!

  6. Rita says:

    Big ol’ 💋 ’cause that’s so good

  7. Eric says:

    Thank you, Vic!! Lol! Isn’t she beautiful? 😉

  8. Such beautiful words… perfect for the painting. ♥

  9. moonskittles says:

    I love it whenever you do short pieces. They are so magical, and many layered. Beautiful dear Knight!

  10. Oh, mirth indeed. Drinking and dancing with Dionysus. Such a fun piece. I love your short odes to mythology. ❤️🍷🍇

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