Dragons into Driftwood…


Blades sharpened
And blood oaths sworn
They climbed aboard their
Wooden sea dragons
Sweet smoke curled
From brazers pulled down
To the surface of the fjord
Whispers to the gods
In ethereal voices
Tracing patterns
around oar and rudder
Dawn’s ochre fingers
Unfurled their sails
And like a silent unkindness
Spread forth dark pinions
To ride the salt swells
Toward foreign shores
Thundered down
Like hammer and anvil
From the north
Split rock and skull
For glittering ransom
Like a passing storm
Leaves its voice upon the mountain
To be heard long after its passing
She sits in frigid shallows
30 days hence
She threw herbs into the tides
And watched by the midnight sun
For tale or slight trace
of the dragonships returning
With ear to the brine she listens
For the thrummed heartbeat of
A oar master’s drum
The pulse of the planks
To surge forward brave
Serpentine prows splitting
The notes of the wavesong
Her waterlogged heart
Sings its own Melody of worry
And a tale of the Gods
Keeps vigil in her mind
Recites the story of Njord
Master of the Sea
Who misses his Giantess wife
Has she gone home
To the mountains again?
And left the Sea God
Rife with sorrow
E’er his tears and his pain
Birth the maelstrom
That makes dragons
Into driftwood

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23 Responses to Dragons into Driftwood…

  1. I really like your style

  2. Rita says:

    Oh, lil’ brother this is wonderful ❤️❤️

  3. augustmacgregor says:

    You do a keen job of describing both sides of the same coin: the attacker’s lust and the sad wait of those left behind.

  4. Oh Eric this is soooo good! My goodness I understood it deep within! Wow! ❤️

  5. Eric says:

    Thank you, Sweetness! 💖

  6. I love it! “Dragons into driftwood” alone is a terrific phrase/image/idea. 🙂

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Brother. I had always wondered what it must have been like for those left behind waiting on the raiding parties to return.

  7. Eric says:

    Thank you, Beautiful Lady!!! 💜

  8. mandibelle16 says:

    Wonderful poem. I love the historic or mythical details of these dragon ships, and the stories of the Gods. Sad for the wife, waiting for her husband to return, praying to said gods, but never knowing when or if he’ll come back to her. Heart breaking in the end. Well done 🙂

  9. thefeatheredsleep says:

    E, this is DEFINITELY one of my all time favorites. WOW!

  10. moonskittles says:

    Ohhh the anguish of the ones left behind.. piercing the soul!

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