Relics of the Heart.. Final..

Yes, unfortunately, this is the last piece I could find in the journal. I’m kinda glad it’s last because I believe it has a hopeful tone…and a happy ending.

I think I’ve decided the poems belong to Morena…at least that’s what I’m going with. She was definitely a wonderful Lady!..and she definitely had an insight to a part of World War II that not many people can find in history books. I’m glad I met her….and I’m very glad that her poetry book found its way to me. I’m keeping it in my barrister case along with my collection of Antique Books. It’ll be safe and sound in there…maybe one day one of my children will want to look through it. And for Morena, as a writer, that is all we can ever really hope for. That our experiences and our emotions and every bit of feeling we mold into our work carries on…long after the planet doesn’t feel our footsteps any long.

For Morena, I’m happy that I could make that happen.For Her.


The evening is fair
The moon is bright
and you my Darling
are with me tonight

We will sit in the moonlight
and kiss in the dark
Whispering, “I love you”
or walk through the park

We’ll lounge by the fireside
and read by its glow
or gaze at the embers
as they come and go

We’ll go to a movie
that tells a love story
of her lover coming back
and is crowned for his glory

This night will have no ending
there will never be tomorrow
We’ll live this night forever
with no pain, no strife and no sorrow

-Morena LaBorde


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23 Responses to Relics of the Heart.. Final..

  1. Such lovely poetry. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Meg Sorick says:

    Yes, a hopeful ending. So lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Eric. What a priceless treasure!

  3. maharedwynn says:

    Aw, the story comes to an end… Loved this, Eric! ❤️

  4. RAS says:

    What a wonderful gem you’ve been given. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I loved the poetry…. I also really loved the picture of her handwriting. I’ve always loved to see handwriting of others. I believe it’s so personal/intimate. Thanks for adding it ❤

  6. rachel says:

    i think this one is my favorite. ❤️

  7. Eric says:

    And thank you for taking the time to share it with me

  8. moonskittles says:

    Such a Heartwarming resurrected story you brought to us through these posts. Bless your heart! ❤

  9. Oh! The last? Well, I am so happy this book full of history and poetry found you.

    You have breathed life back into pages that may have been left unread. You have allowed Morena to be heard – to have a voice again. (((❤️)))

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