La Belle Sans Merci by Sir Thomas Dicksee

La Belle Sans Merci by Sir Thomas Dicksee

I wonder,  Sir Knight
at your skill in a fight
if you wield your blade
with great courage?

How your balance is firm
and your countenance stern
and if you fell
countless foes with a flourish?

Is your horsemanship strong?
can you ride all day long?
yet you give your
mount up to your Lady

You’ll walk, feet in dust
and without a fuss
she’ll appreciate your
gesture quite greatly

I’m quite sure I know
how this story will go
unless there is something
I miss

When She arrives
safe and sound
and her feet touch the ground
She’ll reward your good will….with a kiss

*authors note: So I found this painting while looking up Waterhouse’s work. Of course I absolutely love it! I thought it might have belonged to Waterhouse..but it keeps coming up with Sir Thomas Dicksee’s name attached. So I’m giving him credit for the work.
Also!! this painting was done in relation to a poem written by John Keats
I didn’t post Keats’ poem here…because he is a master and I am a pauper playing at shadows. His poem and mine are a very different rendering of this scene.
You can read it here, if you like: La Belle sans Merci

I also decided to read it(my poem, not Keats’): Audio

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25 Responses to Chevalier….

  1. RAS says:

    I just see you walking this planet sever times before my sweet brother!

  2. Meg Sorick says:

    Not a pauper at all! So wonderful, Eric!

  3. Geetha B says:

    Lovely poem and you definitely are not a pauper. The image is one of my favourites too. I have it as a profile picture on my facebook 🙂

  4. Lisa T says:

    I love this picture, you are so good at this!!!

  5. Eric says:

    Thank you, Beautiful. Goodnight!

  6. Oh Eric. Five pencils for this one

  7. Eric says:

    Goodnight, Beautiful Lady

  8. Vidushi says:

    I truly, truly loved your post. It was rhythmical and so adorable. 🙂
    Loved it.

  9. thefeatheredsleep says:

    You’re a mind-reader because one of my all time favorite poems is that poem – and then to do your own – and the picture (another Pre-Raphaelite favorite) well – it just WORKS but that’s an understatement, I think everything I say would be an understatement. You make me want to get medieval on a GRAND scale. I think I will go and dress-up with my long dresses and pretend I have a horse. WHY don’t those worlds exist anymore? If they did, you would be the good-version of Jamie Lanistair. Or maybe you’d be Ned Stark he’s the best really. Or you’d just be a damn poet with a sword and a quill. Yeah that’s what you’d be. This is really beautiful. Wow wow and wow

    • Eric says:

      You take my breath away and often times my capacity to formulate a charming response. Here, again, you have proved my mind to be wholly inadequate to express my thanks for your affection and praise.

      Thank you, from the very core of my heart. ❤

  10. Purpleanais says:

    What Candice just said! And that reading…<3

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