largenot the fanfare
of silver trumpets
that accompanies
her footfalls into my
as though heaven has thrown
wide its gates
she arrives within
my realm
to the mundane
of creaking oak
squealing hinges
and the brief
of a brass bell
Her seraphic majesty
rolls past my humble counter
and leaving
in its wake and eddies
a symphony of ambrosial delights
is visited upon my brain
a welcome concoction
to be mixed within
the familiar biblichor
I close my eyes
and catalog the scents of jasmine
and clove
and imprint upon them
the image of her
as she glides between stacks
of Tennyson and Keats
and the amber shafts of sunlight
which do array themselves
to the sides of her thoroughfare
like luminescent standard bearers
at attention with their colors dipped
in deference to her grace
the old clock
keeps time with my heart
as she descends
to the chair
her favorite throne
in this
Her weekly kingdom
and oh how I
within my imagination
made ever more potent
by that which swims in my blood
do wish within a perfect place and time
to be that tome which she selects
to be those pages
turned gently amid
her dark nailed fingers
to be that spine
supported by supple hand
and to hope
ever for a gentle rub of the thumb
as she contemplates the text
to be her distraction
the focus of those dusky orbs
behind the framed glass
which alights upon her beautiful nose
to feel the warmth
of her heart
through the words
on my yellowed pages
and for a while
to be so bold
as to quicken and slow
her pulse
and to know she draws breath
as her bosom rises and falls
to the tone of my stanzas and paragraphs
yet I remain
distanced and afar
behind my rampart
of wood
and wonder
is she flesh or apparition?
borne on a summer wind
the arcane manifestation of such pulchritude
as to be poetry

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32 Responses to Bibliophile…

  1. Rita says:

    Damn! This is so sensual and beautiful, lil’ Brother. I am a bit dazed. I just love your way with words.

  2. thefeatheredsleep says:

    It’s quite likely if I knew of a plummer who wrote like this, I’d damn well break all my pipes on a regular basis …. jus sayin! 😉 Wow. ballard for the lonely hearts. I love.

    • Eric says:

      …and I would bring both wrench and pen, to put your world back together. 🙂 Thank you, my wonderful and beautiful Friend. ❤

      • thefeatheredsleep says:

        This is beginning to sound really brilliant, can you imagine, a new form of poetry? Plumb and Poetry, why not? I always said if I could live my life over I’d have been a Plumber because it’s a real job and a realistic and well paid job, we grow up with stars in our eyes but cannot reach them because we’re bedazzled by false glamor. The glamor lies within the every day, we know this, you bring out such riches with every poem my friend.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Haha your title is perfect. You definitely see how the main character thinks it is so hot and sexy her reading books, Keats etc. I got to say from her point of view, a guy that reads is sexy too!

  4. maharedwynn says:

    Oh, Eric! This is amazing and sensual. You do have a way with words! ❤

  5. Whoosh! And there went all the air from my lungs and I finally exhaled…superb and sensual!

  6. Another five pencil poem. Penciling excellent

  7. Purpleanais says:

    Perfection. So very sensual and…just delicious ❤

  8. Eric says:

    If anyone would recognize one….
    Thank you, Poetess!💙

  9. Heartafire says:

    You’re an amazing writer. ❤

  10. Eric says:

    and I am so happy you here!! thank you, Love! ❤

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