Amelia Grey…

maxresdefaultThis is the story
of the Amelia Grey
six weeks on her journey
from Cape Cod Bay

and wave-splitting bold!
with her belly full of barrels
to be filled with gold

Not for your purse
or to be spent on wine
but that precious brew
that makes lamp lights shine

to harvest the elixir
that keeps the dark night at bay
she carried her 27 souls
and her Captain, that day

T’was the middle of March
and the sea’s blue and black
and the top of each wave
has white froth in a stack

But the Zephyr’s behind her
and her driver is tight
the boom swings wide starboard
and the wheel gives a fight

She’s sounding 20 fathoms
the leadsman calls “by the mark”
the spray coats her gunwales
and her sails pop and bark

Her deck is alive
with the work of her crew
and a passing seagull hears
maybe a sea shanty or two

Each man knows his job
pulling hawser and block
or turning the capstan
or tying a knot

She’s headed for deep water
80 fathoms or more
and it’ll be 3 years
before she’ll put back to shore

t’was in the evening
around 7 bells
That a wall of Nor’easter
made a gateway to hell

She pulled in her sheets
and turned her head to the wind
She battened her hatches
and her crew all tucked in

Like a vision of beauty
she battled and she waged
against the angry blue-green
against Proud Neptune’s rage

Until her decks were all dry
every last board
and her crew dresses her yards
in her white sails once more

It would take more than a tempest
to drown her, they say
She’s a hard nut to crack
this proud Amelia Grey

But She’s a whaler by trade
and Her mainmast is tall
Now here’s the real story
when the crew hears the call

“Thar She Blows!” from the forecastle
“Where away?” shouts the mate
“To the Starboard” says the captain
Orders the wheel to give chase

The pod’s took to running
before they can launch the boats
it’ll be hard to catch them
each man giving his most

what happens next
is lost to you and me
for when we happened upon her
she was a sore sight to see

No sign of her captain
her boats all gone, lost
she was adrift, listing badly
and she’d paid a high cost

Her right flank was splintered
and level with the foam
her foremast on fire
her rudder all but gone

Her crew was survived
by only one man
and his mind was so broken
he could barely stand

marooned for three weeks
he was barely alive
the first part of this story
was seen by his eyes

the rest came as gibberish
filled with horror and fright
like a story you’d tell
on All Hallows Night

He spoke of a monster
from under the waves
come seeking blood
and a ships hull to stave

Blood it collected
in 27 dead
as it turn the whaleboats to kindling
and the froth bloody red

The ship fared no better
When the monster called the cull
Her mainmast fell over
as it bashed in her hull

Her cook, the survivor
had to strip his hands free
of a knife he was holding
for the last weeks of three

With our cannons we sunk her
our crew did their best
for a derelict she was
and we put her to rest

To the darkest of deeps
We sent Amelia Grey
and in Davy Jones’ locker
she sleeps to this day








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22 Responses to Amelia Grey…

  1. Meg Sorick says:

    Oh its brilliant! I love this! Absolutely love love love poems that tell a story! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    This is great. High flying adventure and a sunken ship story. At first it made me think of ‘Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’ has that feeling or perhaps a bit of Pirates of the Carribean. Wonderful writing!

  3. Rita says:

    Fantastic, my brother 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. I’m with Meg, I love the story. I say we put it to music and drink beer.

  4. Awesome job, Eric! Great poetry, epic story, the sea, sea monsters, madness… you got all of it! 🙂


  5. Eric says:

    I am so Honored! Thank you, Anie! 💕

  6. thefeatheredsleep says:

    WOW Eric! Remember I said a few months ago I thought you were a historic writer and a historian? This PROVES it! What an epic encounter of something in our history! Not only do I learn but I relish the way you can take us back in time. (The name is really beautiful also). You’re a natural. It is your destiny to write about the past and bring it back to life. That is just what you can do and so few can, and you do it SO well it brings me to tears – excellent my friend!

    • Eric says:

      Another one that went into Spam. Of course you know how much I cherish you. And how much you support me and float my heart on a cloud. Thank you so much for being here and helping me, encouraging me to do this. It means more than I can say. Love you, Warrioress!

  7. I love the Nautica thing. There’s something magical about the sea and the vessels that sail upon it

  8. Heartafire says:

    Your writing always amazes me, I don’t know how you do it, Eric.

  9. Purpleanais says:

    They’ve all said it: you not only weave words like the bards of old but spin an exceedingly fine tale as well – hats off to you, Mister ❤

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