I wrote this a long time ago..

for some friends of mine, in my late high school and college years…

you all know I am a geek and a nerd and into all things that have the suffix of “game”.

Being a writer, I know you will not find it hard to believe that I enjoy role playing games a lot!

(some of you may be thinking of another kind….that’s ok…i think about it too…but that’s not what I mean. 😉 )

So the most easily recognizable one is, of course, “Dungeons and Dragons”. Which is a “Fantasy setting”  those not familiar with genre titles can understand that “Fantasy” means swords, wizards, dragons, magic, unicorns….You get the idea.

(some of you may be thinking of another kind…that’s ok…I think about it too..but that’s not what I mean. 😉 )

In Dungeon and Dragons I play, “Therrin” He’s a half-orc (human and orc halfbreed) Rogue (used to be called Thief but modern day PC language has changed it). He’s very big…very strong….An anti-Hero’s anti-hero.  Think, Han Solo + Indiana Jones + Common street Thug.  But for 3 hours…every wednesday…I get to be him.  I get to grab villians by the throat and throw them off of balconies into garden fountains…I get to fight with a Rapier while ducking and dodging magic spells being hurled at me….I get to talk back to Kings and Dukes and wipe my fingers off on their table cloths….( he has terrible table manners). I often think if everyone could do this at least once a week it would go a long way to helping relieve stress. To get to be someone else for several hours just has a way of settling my nerves down.

a HUGE part of playing in a successful role playing game is the group you play with. Having other people there…who are willing to immerse themselves into being their characters just as much as you, makes all the difference.  With the right group of people, you can actually BE in that Fantasy world. and with the right GM (game master – the person in charge of creating and telling the story you are taking part in) the outside world of 2016 simply disappears.

I wrote this as a tribute to all the great groups of friends I’ve made over the years playing these games…and as a statement of just how awesome it is to be part of that group..


Pencils, books and papers stained by
condensating drinks and ice.
Bits of crumbled potato chips
scattered amongst the dice.
Standing back to back we fight,
while seated on floors or chairs.
Consulting tomes of rules which tell,
If the battle is Ours or Theirs.
And after the fight we’ll make our way
To the place where brave deeds are said!
And smile as our laughter shakes the rafters,
Of the Tavern inside our heads!

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19 Responses to Make-Believe…

  1. Rita says:

    I love it. You’ve had this well forever haven’t you? ❤️

    And I’m not at all sure what you were referring to in the parentheses 😳😳 you mean like doctor, scientist or something? 🔬😎

  2. Ms. Vee says:

    Awesome Eric! It’s wonderful to play!😉💛✌

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you Ms. Vee

  4. This was nerdy good. Your talent shined even back then.

  5. jrd1974 says:

    Ye ole gamer! I can relate. I used to like TSR Star Frontiers. But, the Dungeons and Dragons game is the most popular. And its kind of sexy, like nerds. I love your poem.

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  7. Ha! I loved the poem at the end.

    You probably can guess I completely agree with your sentiments here. Especially, how healthy it would be if everyone could do this 3-4 hours every week. I did this for many years growing up and then again for a few years more recently. I miss it! It was not just fun — a kind of enjoyment I get from other games I play — but also the chance to be an decisionmaker in a movie/novel that I loved. To be someone else, someone who gets to do things many of us dream about doing. To interact with a different world… Love it and recommend it to anyone.

    It makes me happy that you have this joy in your life. 🙂

    Cheers, Brother!

  8. Purpleanais says:

    I always knew you were a nerd, I looooove nerds lol I was always a nerd too and I’m into the whole gaming thing, only not role-playing (not in gaming anyway 😉 ) – Lara Croft in Tomb Raider is my ultimate gaming heroine, I remember when I first discovered the game and I instantly fell in love with it. Many years later, and I still play those games, still love them 😀
    Love your poem, of course, and love discovering a little more about the bard 🙂 ❤
    Ps: thanks for the laugh too "(some of you may be thinking of another kind….that’s ok…i think about it too…but that’s not what I mean.😉 )" 😀

    • Eric says:

      Of course Lara is your favorite. She was mine too for a long time. I remember playing the first tomb raider game and how amazing the story was!!

      I haven’t seen Lara in a long time. But im hoping to get a PS4 for Xmas so maybe I’ll play one of her new games.

      Thank you, Nathalie. 💜💜💜 long live Beautiful nerd ladies who visit me here. 😘

  9. Dylan Greene says:

    Reblogged this on Memory of the Star and commented:
    Sorry, guys, but I had a hell of a busy day and still have plenty of work to do. In the meantime, here’s a reblog! Usual etiquette applies, likes and comments are disabled as to not divert them from the original piece. Please check this person’s blog out!

  10. So nice you still have this group. It makes me happy that you have this time each week. To become someone, something, else and…play. It’s a completely different creative outlet.

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