End Times…


The fall of man
did not happen over night
the fall of man
happened without a fight
neither did it end
in violence and rage
it happened very quietly
as we constructed our cage
it did not happen
with the revolt of machines
but rather hand in hand
with each other
it seems
because we were connected
night and day
and we had constant insight
into what each other
might say
so we stopped ourselves from talking
and we flew our hearts like flags
no emotions were secret
we were proud of our tags
we were proud of our labels
and our newfound cliques
and we sectioned off each other
and dismiss those who didn’t fit
we gathered at that precipice
and with fake smiles and indifferent nods
we leapt into darkness
and created more gods
we became spineless creatures
transparent and dumb
and we slept in the shadows
sedated and numb
with our humble opinions
in our fiery descent
we fell from our glory
with malicious intent
and we poets
we learned
to write in the dark
to try to light torches
without any sparks
to chronicle this journey
with ink made of blood
to hope by some miracle
to inspire love
to forge understanding
through chapter and verse
to push back the darkness
to unmake the curse
that has plagued us for ages
forever it seems
that places our nightmares
in front of our dreams
for if one heart can learn
and 10 others can teach
there is no limit I know of
just how far we can reach
maybe so far
into this dark lonely pit
that the sunlight can reach us
and we’ll grow just a bit
in our heads
we were trapped here
by our hearts
we’ll be free
in a crowd we were dismantled
the rebuilding
starts with me

About Eric

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26 Responses to End Times…

  1. All these connections, dispensing with conversation, losing our identity, trapped in a prison of our own making, but didn’t, or perhaps wouldn’t, see its construction. These are my thoughts trigggered by your poem Eric.

  2. Emily says:

    Ditto what Vic said. And I will add the word “epic.” I want to read this over and over. ❀

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you, Sweet Lady! Sorry to make you cry but I appreciate tears all the same! I feel a lot of this is true. We were never meant to know what everyone thinks of everything ALL THE TIME. I think it has cheapened the experience of getting to know someone.

    Thank you for being here! ❀

  4. augustmacgregor says:

    Since I’ve taken a long break from WordPress, it’s been a while since I’ve read your poetry. It’s great to see that you are still seriously getting it done. I’ve heard that art is supposed to challenge us, rather than gently pat our heads. You’ve certainly written a poem to challenge our hyper-sharing — and you’ve done a superb job of it. With so much sharing with so many people, can we deeply connect with someone? You’ve raised questions that we should ask ourselves as we navigate social media.

  5. Oceans2c7 says:

    WOW, This is great!

  6. Rita says:

    Oh, my dear little brother. You know how very much I love this and how very much this sentiment moved me to seek only that which is real and connected. I’m glad you are a vital branch on the tree of my life. A life that is speeding by far too quickly to drown in vainglorious productions.

  7. This made me think of Facebook. Wonderful Eric

  8. Purpleanais says:

    Oh, so true. So, SO true! You are the wisest and most talented bard, Eric! ❀

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