“What do you hear?” – A special Friday Phrases post on twitter


So one of my favorite things since I joined twitter ages ago has been a prompt called “Friday Phrases.”

The prompt has many curators and one of them is a Lady by the name of Adele Gray.
She has lost her eyesight recently to medical issues and she and her family have been struggling to make ends meet in a very chaotic storm of fear and doubt.

Her daughter is keeping the prompt going and asked, if we were so inclined, to do an audio recording of our Friday Phrases so that Adele might enjoy them once again.

The prompt was “What do you hear?”

Here is my contribution:

we stood there
shivering in the night air
no warm breeze of summer
brushing clouds across the moon
no springtime crickets serenaded us
our breath floating away like tiny ghosts
evaporating into the immaterial
I pressed her close to me so tightly
as if I could fuse her molecules with mine
and so doing, forestall her leaving
her arms were a titan’s embrace
across the small of my back
if it were not for the spreading
stain of salt tears across my shirt
where her face was pressed against my chest
I would have imagined her smiling
unable to bear this painful silence any longer
I asked a simple question
“what do you hear?”
and with a ragged breath
she spoke with the voice of a soul
weary of its time in this world
and answered
“the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

and here’s the tweet that I did when I recorded it. One day I’ll be able to do these things with the camera pointed at me…but for now..you’ll have to settle with looking at the paper.


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14 Responses to “What do you hear?” – A special Friday Phrases post on twitter

  1. Beautiful and what a lovely and thoughtful thing to do for Adele. Bless her and you all

  2. Purpleanais says:

    Eric, you are such a kind and beautiful soul and I do hope things get better for Adele. This is gorgeous and I may just have to go lie down after listening to it 💜💜

  3. Emily says:

    Love. And I adore your voice. ❤

  4. I didn’t even read it – just listened to you. What a treat. Beautifully done! 😍

  5. Simply lovely my friend. You have a beautiful heart and a great reading voice!

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