Nathalie’s fault…

So was checking my WordPress feed today…
And I came across Nathalie’s post… Plus One

and after reading Her amazing scene that she had composed about her evening out this weekend…I was inspired, by her beautiful picture.


to compose something of my own. I left it as a comment on her page. But She and I agreed that it would most certainly have a place here so here we go:

She wore a black dress, this combined with the golden brilliance of her hair…made her look like the night sky, in September…A harvest moon hanging over an ocean of stars and all the wonder and silent beauty of fall evenings…where bonfires crackled and sent embers of leaves skyward to the gods..a time when the air around you was crisp and cool and your breath made clouds in the wind…and a prickled blush would flood your you walked in the damp shuffle of fallen leaves….and the oaken stick gently held by the belt loop on my faded jeans was Excalibur bouncing on the hip of Arthur…she reminded me of this…..she reminded me of a time when I slew dragons. Immortal and engraved, in the fondest halls of memory…..The mere sight of her was enough to summon a spark of hope back into my heart. If she paid me no further attention than this….it would be enough.

    ..then she smiled.

So thanks to the Breathtaking Nathalie, who stepped in for my Muse for just a moment today.
It is a wonderful privilege to have such a beautifully inspiring friend as She.



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16 Responses to Nathalie’s fault…

  1. Purpleanais says:

    Eric, I am so honoured to have inspired such gorgeous words. You certainly did set a scene yourself in your own inimitable way. You are a bard from the ancient worlds, and you are the knight of warrior queens dream about 😘💜

  2. Purpleanais says:

    *all warrior queens dream about. I’m still flustered, dammit! 😂

  3. SO glad you did this Eric. I would too but you know us girl-lovers have BAD reputations and I need to be on the up-and-up so I’ll leave it for you to do the honors and you have! Most well! Nathalie is without doubt a true beauty (inside and out) moreover she’s got sexy down and I totally thought of Stevie Nicks when I saw that picture – I mean who looks that good in a selfie? She gives us French girls a good rep that’s for sure and I adore her. Thanks for doing the honors, she is so deserving I’m fairly certain half the world is a little in love with our Nathalie.

    • Eric says:

      She would have been just as beautifully painted with your words, Warrioress. I humbly thank you for your praise. And always for the feelings in your heart. ❤

  4. Meg Sorick says:

    Oh swoon! I’d be a liar if I wasn’t just a wee bit jealous! 😉 Fortunately, Nat is as lovable as she is beautiful! As per your usual style a wonderful poem for a wonderful substitute Muse. ❤

  5. Purpleanais says:

    Reblogged this on arwenaragornstar and commented:
    Everybody knows I love Eric’s writing (and Eric himself)
    Tonight, he left a comment on my “Plus-one” post that was epic.
    It wasn’t a comment—it was a story, it was a fable, it was a ballad.
    I was blown away by it and when Eric asked if I minded him turning it into a blog post, I told him he’d better or I would have to do it myself since his words were too gorgeous not to be shared.
    So, he did and I’m reblogging it. I’m so, SO honoured (and touched) my blurry photograph inspired such beautiful lines. Read the luscious words of a wonderful man—a knight and a bard rolled into one 😍💜

  6. Emily says:

    Gorgeous all around!

  7. Eric says:

    Thank you, Love. ❤

  8. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m visiting via Nathalie’s blog, and … WOW! Just wow!! Perfect words dancing effortless together to conjure a beautiful scene. “she reminded me of a time when I slew dragons. Immortal and engraved, in the fondest halls of memory” {be still my heart!!}

  9. AJ.Dixon says:

    Wonderful words, capturing your temporary muse beautifully! Nathalie can indeed be the Guinevere to one’s Arthur! Or maybe it should be Lancelot…anyway, a fantastic tribute. Fine work!

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