The 29th of March…

still I dug my heels into the earth

with all the strength of my back against the door

as the world pushed from the other side

and my feet made deep furrows

I smiled

for before my time is gone from this place

and all the stories of my life are told

the greatest one shall be the day

I held back the darkness of the universe

to see her

lift her face to the blessed sun

raise her arms

and on the powerful wings

I had given my blood to build for her

she flew


*Today is my Daughter’s birthday. She is 13. I know people usually say that their kids grow up too fast…and to an extent, that is true to me as well. But only a tiny part of my heart wishes against it.

For me, it is an absolute joy to watch her grow and to see what a remarkable person she is becoming.  My heart whispers, “go Sarah!!…grow stronger, be smarter, love more, do more, be more!!!”

She is becoming a woman of her own means. She has her own set of rules for this life and she is building herself brick by brick.

She writes, she draws, she paints, she reads, she plays music, she is learning Chinese, she loves animals, She loves video games, she hates math, she loves science, she hates a leader who won’t lead, she is brave and determined and opinionated….

I will protect her as long as I have air in my lungs. And one day the world will break through that door and reach its cold, ugly, depressive hands for her….

and it is my solemn wish…

that it burns the fuck out of itself….

on her fire.


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41 Responses to The 29th of March…

  1. psaintsmith says:

    ❤❤ Happy Birthday Princess!

  2. You put a big smile on my face, Eric the Father. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to Sarah. And this is a beautiful post, Eric. ☺ ❤

  4. Emily says:

    Beautiful strong young lady. Happy Birthday to her and an understanding hug for you! Is she taking Irish dance?

    • Eric says:

      She is…she is determined to master it as well. Lol. It is her hearts desire right now. Thank you, Em! 💙💙💙

      • Emily says:

        I just watched the documentary “Jig” via Amazon last week for St. Patty’s Day. Have you watched it? It follows young Irish dancers from all over the world in their quest for the world cup.

        • Eric says:

          No I havent seen it. But I’ll mention it to her…I’m sure she would be glad to see it. She wants to compete at worlds one day.

          • Emily says:

            It’s pretty intense! Good for her.

            • Eric says:

              🙂 So much of it is gaining “favor” from influential people, namely instructors and judges to get nominated to compete. She hates that part.

            • Emily says:

              I don’t blame her. 🙂 I used to compete with my high school jazz band, nationally and internationally. I remember the pressure.

            • Eric says:

              I make sure she understands that everything she does with this is for her enjoyment and benefit. I am always proud of her, but she never need feel like she must accomplish this for me….
              I was in band for much of my young life…because my parents wanted me there…and I was good…but I didn’t do it for me…I did it for them…I want to make sure she never feels that pressure.

            • Emily says:

              Indeed. For herself and the love of dance first. Everything else is frosting.

  5. Eric says:

    Thank you, Beautiful!

  6. Your daughter is about the luckiest girl in the world to have YOU as her father. I bet she is going to grow up to be every bit as wonderful as her dad. I don’t often think men are brilliant fathers, or maybe I just focus too much on mothers which is wrong of me, but I have long thought you were. So proud of you for all that you have given her to make her the wonderful 13 year old she is. BIG HUGS

  7. Beautiful. My son turned 13 a few days ago. I hope all the hate in the world burns up in his fire. 🙂

  8. Love this and totally relate. I have kids too and I wish they won’t grow up so fast. And I’ll protect them with my last breath. Happy birthday to her 🙂

  9. Meg Sorick says:

    Sir Eric, this is just about the coolest thing ever. Girls who have great Dads are the luckiest girls in the world. Happy birthday to the world’s next warrior princess! 🌺🌷🌸 And congratulations to a wonderful father doing a great job!

  10. trE says:

    Happy birthday to your young one, Eric! She shares a birthday with my kid brother. 13 was a cool age. Beautiful poem too!

  11. Purpleanais says:

    Omg this is perfect, Eric! Happy birthday to Sarah and if she’s anything like her dad, the world will indeed burn the fuck out of itself on her fire! ❤

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Nathalie. She is a daughter of the flame…much like yourself. 💜

      • Purpleanais says:

        Thank you, lovely. Women born in March are resilient! (Somebody bought me a “queens are born in March” t-shirt for my birthday 😂) And all the more so when they have wonderful role models in their lives like your daughter has 💜

  12. sergebagnon says:

    A lovely post. Truely inspiring glimpse at fatherhood

  13. Such a loving dad you are. I hope she had the best birthday

  14. She has the best start in life anyone can have, a father who cares, a mother who nurtures and family filled with love.

  15. I adore this my friend. She is a lovely and lucky young lady to have such a father as yourself who is first and foremost her champion. The pride I hear in your voice is a truly beautiful thing. May she always meet life with the same fire and gusto you currently see in her.

  16. Hope your daughter had the most beautiful birthday. 🌸🌼🌺 Lovely poem for her.

    (I must say, all of me wants to jump up and scream, “Hell, yeah!” to your words:

    one day the world will break through that door and reach its cold, ugly, depressive hands for her….
    and it is my solemn wish…
    that it burns the fuck out of itself….
    on her fire.

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