This is something I need to write
while the fire of anger is in my heart
In these later years of my life
I have learned to let go of anger
more quickly
so what is left of my heart doesn’t become
blackened and bitter

But I must say this

You disgust me
You have my complete contempt
and that is not an easy thing to do
I have a forgiving heart
I strive to understand
to accept
to empathize

I cannot do this with you

You confound me to no end
I am continuously embarassed and confused
by your actions

You can not comprehend how much
rage fills my heart when I think of you
what you do
what you consider amusement
is a sick and twisted malady
which is incurable in the likes of you

what gives you the right
to approach her?
what broken logic
do you mutter to yourself
in the throes of your indecent behavior

you can’t be content
with all the warnings we are given as children
you can’t be satisfied
that a butterfly perched upon your finger

You can not marvel at her beauty
with eye-watering wonder
You can not sit in peace
as she shows you her gorgeous colors
close your eyes and feel
the tingle in your soul at her delicate touch
upon your skin
sigh out loud
at the pride swelling in your heart
that she chose you
as a place to rest from her weary flight

You had to touch her wings

Your alpha-bullshit
convinced you that you could do such a thing
and she would be fine
and so with slobbering tongue and whining like a beast in heat
intent on humping the furniture
you repeatedly let your primitive hind-brain
type out a string of tripe to her
always on a private channel
because your coward nature doesn’t let you make advances in the light
where men such as I
could see
and oh how I wish you would give me the chance to see

You inspire me to violence
because you make me physically ill
Your alpha-animal-fuckery makes me want to
give in to my primal side too
and thrash you within and inch of your life

So of that you can be proud…you drag me kicking and screaming to your level

I hate you for it

You can’t walk past a beautiful flower
without putting your filthy hands around the stem
and yanking her from the earth?

On this massive battlefield that we all share
you can’t celebrate her strength and power
without hooking a finger behind her breastplate to see
what’s underneath?

How dare you, you wretched filthy piece of trash…..

In this war we all fight
how good does it feel to protect her flank?
take one more worry off her mind
that she can feel confident you are an ally
You will never know
what it feels like to put your back against hers
and devote all of your willpower to the forces in front of you
never worrying that something may attack from behind

I enjoy
so much
lying on the ground
next to their fire and watching the beautiful shapes
amid their crackling flames

They warm what is left of my soul and you have no idea the battle that I fight to keep it every day

and you are putting them out
these wonderful bonfires of strength and beauty
sensual and romantic
hard edged and joyful
you are snuffing them out one by one

and I hate you for it

with every shame-laiden-panick-attack-inducing
unwanted advance
you remove more and more of them from my universe
and I am tired of it

So very tired

They owe you nothing
and that is all you will ever be

*My apologies for his rant. I’m not sorry I wrote it…I’m sorry if it brings up any feelings you don’t want to deal with…..I am so very tired of the world of online assholes who think they are divinely chosen to electronically “feel up” every woman who dares to show her face in this realm. So sick and tired of “men” who can not control themselves and who believe that every woman is fair game to attempt a pick-up.

Maybe I’m being sexist, maybe it’s not only men…but I swear I cannot come up with a single example to the contrary. I really cannot.

I live for the day when I notice someone has been gone for a while and they send a message saying, “Sorry, I was just really busy with real life. Instead ofย  “Sorry, I’m laying low for a while because I’m having trouble with the guy who keeps sending me messages.”
and also for the day that women don’t have to put “NO PRIVATE MESSAGES” in their bio’s on social media.

Ladies, please, block these poor excuses for human beings. Do not punish yourself or others for their transgressions.

A dear friend of mine told me last night she was having trouble with someone who keeps sending her messages on twitter. Her exact quote was, “He’s brazen and very brash”

My follow up message was, “And therefore not fit to be in your company. Please, block him and be done with it. Don’t torture yourself over someone’s inability to be a gentleman and a decent human being.”

I can’t say it enough or any plainer than this:

YOU DESERVE RESPECT. DEMAND IT. and when it is not given DISMISS them from your presence.

and if you are a “man” and follows me here or elsewhere and fit any of these descriptions…please….just remove yourself from my online presence please….quietly slink back to the rock you crawled out from…I won’t ask any questions about why you are gone. I promise.

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27 Responses to Brute…

  1. psaintsmith says:

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปRant on, my loving and respectful, little bro. I love you. Wholeheartedly.

    I love you openly for the world to see. I’ve no need to hide it because everyone that matters to me knows how much your brotherhood means to me.

    I love you because you would stand right behind me if I fell in sorrow, right in front of me if I faced danger and most of all, right beside me as equals to be respected and cherished.

    So rant on, my sword-wielding brother.

    Your sister, forever – Rita

  2. Heartafire says:

    Eric, thank you for what you refer to as a rant, to me it is an unbelievably eloquent message and shout out to stalkers, users, cons…of both sexes.

  3. Emily says:

    Don’t every apologize for your beautiful soul. Thank you. โค

  4. Oooh, writing while filled with emotion can be a quite powerful tool.

  5. Rant away. I have learnt very quickly that the block button is best used when I feel the slightest hint of discomfort. There’s no need for manners with people who obviously don’t have them. I hope your friend is ok. X

  6. Meg Sorick says:

    Sir Eric, you truly are a gentleman and a very good friend! โค

  7. Scathing and superb!
    What fire, what ferocity, a truly brilliant piece of writing. It’s righteous, honest and unapologetic. A masterful display of empathetic rage that’s clearly not felt enough as events as you’ve described still exist.

    It challenges me as a male reader to examine my own interactions, have I crossed a line? I hope not and don’t believe I have but I can’t help escape a feeling a guilt. Maybe not for me but for my gender.

    I hope that this serves as advice for anyone plagued by the digital depravity found online.

    Fantastic piece!!

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Cameron. This is just a fury laden tirade in my frustration with the day to day bullshit that many of the women I follow and interact with must deal with. I am so irritated and exhausted on their behalf…it’s ridiculous what they sometimes endure to be part of this experience…and it’s just not fair. I share your feeling of guilt and embarrassment over the situation..but this is how we bring that kind of behavior to light. These types of predators do not like the light of day bc it messes with their chances for future torment.

      thanks for being here, Cameron.

      • Couldn’t agree more. It’s baffling to see and even more perplexing to understand why it’s seen as acceptable by these people.
        I coined a phrase a while back about the creepy commenter. “Oh she’s pretty, I like what she says, she’ll be my wife”. That arrogant assumption that just because you want doesn’t mean you’ll get and you certainly won’t acting with such disgraceful actions.
        Happy to be here and happy to support.

  8. Geetha B says:

    Wow, that was pretty fired up Eric. Hope all well with you. Have not read you in a while as was busy and the first thing I read is from a man on fire ๐Ÿ˜Š. Looking forward to catching up with the reading.

  9. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Eric, I am sharing similar feelings coursing through my veins, and will for some time to come. As always, you are the Knight in shining armor ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you, is simply not enough, but will have to do โค๏ธ

    • Eric says:

      A thank you, from you and your ferocious heart, is more than honor, Lady Pink. I appreciate your being here. ๐Ÿ˜Šโค

      • thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

        Eric, I am very happy to be here. Also, very grateful for you having me here ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

  10. Rant away. Sometimes we need to hold on to that anger for a bit longer than we’d like to make a genuine, heartfelt “rant”. (Hate to use that word because it dimishes what you’ve done here.) I think, what you’ve said in this phrase is the basis of a lot of this shit: “broken logic”.

    Thank you. ๐Ÿ’—

  11. denise0904 says:

    love love love this….

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