This poem is written for a special someone who many of you are probably already familiar. If not, her name (as the title suggests) is Emily and you can find her at Poet Girl Em.

From the moment I read Emily’s poetry I knew she was a kindred spirit. I could see things in her writing that reflected my own ideas about love and emotion. Also about nature and the universe and our role within this great play of which we are all a part.

recently she had been dabbling with an image of herself and an apply that applied vibrant colors to those pictures. As I watched her post them one by one and hit the “like” button, I found some words swirling in my heart that I thought I should put down on paper. I approached Emily about writing a poem about her and she said she would be honored to be my muse for this one (not everyone likes having their portrait painted in words) So I humbly thank her for her patience with my presumptuous pen! But as often happens when I think of Emily, when I reread these words I feel a great pulling of gravity on my heart.


When I look at her
I understand she was never the blue sky
She was never the clouds
like angel plumes adrift in the heavens
She was never the blazing brilliance of Sol
Or the verdant arms of the oaks that stretched beyond my reach
She was never the moon
Or the stars
Never the Pleiades
Or the belt of Orion
Never the shimmer of the shadow of our galaxy
Spilled like a river of diamonds across the night
She was the earth
She was the heartbeat of the planet
against my back
As I lay there and marveled at all the universe had placed above my head
Her strength floated beneath me
She cradled my head in a flock of clovers
And ran her fingers through my hair
As I dreamed of a world beyond her
She was always there with me
Whispering for me to fly.


Thanks, Emily.
Love you always, Dear Friend.


About Eric

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22 Responses to Emily

  1. Rita says:

    Exquisite, Bro. Words and woman ❤️

  2. No living human being could fail to be stirred and honored by your salutation and respect of them, you are a man capable of writing a poem for anyone and elevating them beyond anything they hitherto felt about themselves, and I hope and believe this is no exception, you have done her proud and this is really beautiful my talented friend. As I said only moments ago, everyone is richer for knowing you, and I meant it completely, knowing everyone who reads you will agree.

  3. Emily says:

    Truly humbled and honored. The poem is precious and draws the reader deeper each stanza, wanting to know what she *is* then, toward a beautiful climax. And I echo Candice’s beautiful sentiment. You are a diamond in the rough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend!
    Fly on! Love ❤

    • Eric says:

      It was my pleasure to write these words inspired by the idea of you in my heart, Dearest Em. Much love, goodnight Beautiful Lady 💜

  4. Oh now this is simply beautiful.
    It’s a fantastic ode to an amazing person. I adore the cosmic flourishes, so very fitting for your magnificent muse.
    I can’t give enough praise for this piece or demand more affection be lavished upon Emily.
    You’ve done us readers a great service and if there’s any justice shown more people the way to find that astounding poet girl!

  5. What a tribute! Beautiful

  6. Heartafire says:

    Dear Eric, I am truly moved by your poetry. you are an incredibly gifted writer and human being. That you have chosen to shine on this particular star is an honor and leaves no doubt that she is special among all stars. Indeed continue to shine a Diamond among gems .

  7. Eric says:

    Thank you, Beautiful. Love you too. 💕

  8. This is lovely tribute to Emily. You’re so gifted and kind. Shine on!

  9. Beautiful portrait. 🙂

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