Don’t touch the girls
it’s the rule at the Golden T Saloon
but that rule
is as flimsy as the paper that holds the letters to the wall
Everyone knows
for the right amount of coin
that sign doesn’t exist
pay the standard fee
after the show
and the owner will let you touch
whatever you want
celestial girls
they’re extra
double the fee
for the exotic
so after the $20 was handed over
he took her
to the middle of nowhere
to have some fun
for a while
it was dead quiet out here
now the crickets are singing between the steps
of her high leather boots as they crunch in the dry prairie grass
the light of a full august moon plays on her face
the choker around her neck
against the black of the night
makes her head seem to float above her body
cut off from the pain
it shows
the beautiful curve of her lips and the trickle of crimson at the edge
where he’d gotten a lick on her
before she shot like a lightning bolt away from him
he had fumbled with the strings of her corset
a little too long
she snatched at his hand
and it flew fast and hard into her cheek
but as his drunken swing continued to arc
she launched away
the first thing he did when he got her out here
was take off his gun belt
that would prove to be his last mistake
the cool wind blew softly as
the fire of moonlight danced
on her butterscotch colored shoulders
highlighting with white outlines
the waterfall of ebony hair that hung down
her back and covered those corset strings
that had saved her
her arms hung at her sides
brushing back and forth
in the ruffles of her skirt
the tops of her thighs striped with garters
peaked out in the moonlight as she walked
and she was careful
not to let them touch
the hot iron horses
that hung from each hand
still smoking from their single nostrils
12 teeth those fillies had to bite
she put 7 in him
from his beak to his balls
the other 5 went into the ground
and even though there hadn’t been rain for weeks
the thunder she made that night
watered the dry Wyoming territory dirt
with his crimson deluge
as she made her way
across the wide open night
with the orange glow of the campfire behind her
sending a purple ribbon up into the night sky
any evil man
would cower where he stood
to see this she-demon approach
and any man
of good heart and hand
would thank the heavens
for such an achingly beautiful
angel of death
that may come to take his life

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38 Responses to Banshee…

  1. What an intense journey that was. Effortlessly descriptive and enchantingly captivating. I had no idea where it was going but part of me thinks I should have. Far too engrossed in the tale to guess ahead.
    Absolutly fantastic!!

  2. Speechless! Breathtaking! Perfection! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Heartafire says:

    Powerfully awesome writing Eric ❤

  4. That was incredible.

  5. augustmacgregor says:

    Sharp details formed a sharp video of this in the imagination. And man, that’s a lot of bullets she filled him with. You fit a dramatic story into a poem.

  6. Meg Sorick says:

    I love your storytelling poems. This was perfection. 🙏💗

  7. Bravo. Good for her for protecting herself any any girls he might hurt in the future.

  8. May I add this to my poetry newsletter?

  9. Dana R says:

    A brilliant ballad, Poet.

  10. Emily says:

    Aw…wow. How crazy! You’re right! We were on similar wavelengths. I’m not sure what to say! It is excellent, my friend. 🙏🏼

  11. AJ.Dixon says:

    Fantastic story unraveled with beautiful descriptions. “…hot iron horses/that hung from each hand/still smoking from their single nostrils/12 teeth those fillies had to bite…”. Such a wonderfully crafted image here, which fits in so well with the setting and atmosphere. A great read!

  12. Rita says:

    Oh, Brother! I’m seeing it play in my mind. Why I love your words.

  13. Purpleanais says:

    Just fucking TERRIFIC!!

  14. Eric– this powerful prose painted a movie for my mind’s eye. Gorgeously evocative. Wow.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Christine! I often explain how my work is just an description of the images I see in my mind. I’m glad it translates so vividly to yours as well!

  15. It’s a whole complete personhood and world and mythology within one poem!♡

  16. kenneth says:

    ! I often explain how my work is just an description of the images I see in my mind.

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