Themysciran Gold…

She would not be contained
in an instant she was up and over
these muddy walls of terror
like a lightning bolt of pure fury
an ebony-haired
Angel of Vengeance
into the teeth of the guns
that sprayed white-hot death
like the battle cries of all the legions of hell
She rose like a pillar of flame
amid the dark of mankind’s suffering
and in that instant
our lives
and my heart
would never be the same
in the hands of this Warrioress
within whose chest
beats Themysciran gold

  • Author’s note: So I saw Wonder Woman last night. I know it will come as a shock to you all that I loved it so deeply it moves me to write poetry about it. (yes that is sarcasm). To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. Patty Jenkins as direction and Gal Gadot’s portrayal were out of this world. I highly recommend it to anyone who is the least bit interested, I do not think you will be sorry. I know I wasn’t.

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19 Responses to Themysciran Gold…

  1. ❀
    I’ve heard great things about the movie… I want to see it!

  2. Meghan Tregellis says:

    I’m so happy to see all the great reviews! I can’t wait!

  3. Rita says:

    Damn!!!! I’ve loved her forever.

  4. Eric says:

    Thank you, Angela 😊

  5. I for one loved it, how hot was it? But more than that too.

  6. She has your valor and values

  7. Beautiful depiction! I loved the movie as well.

  8. Beautiful “review”. A tribute to the Amazon warrior we’ve grown up with. Happy she’s been introduced to a new generation. I’ve heard such good things…and a couple bad. I must see it for myself.

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