She lay still
amid the gently waving wildflowers
the heat of the day lifting
from every dew-dropped surface
the buzzing of bees retired
as the crickets tuned their strings
and the far horizon
was trimmed in a twilight blanket
in this moment
the earth she lay upon was holy ground
not yet baptized in the blood of young men
far to young to carry sword and shield
but willing to die for ideals and gossamer glory
her hair spilled out wide around her head
and glowed golden among the emerald grasses
like the very angels were her kin
the corpses of a thousand previous lifetimes lay far beneath her
as well as the shattered pieces of war machines
and discarded battle standards
of wars waged by she
long before her spirit inhabited
this pale and freckled flesh
and where, now, are those borders
drawn by those bloody engagements?
who remembers, now,
victors and losers?
Or the dreams that were sacrificed
on the altar of war
to secure peace?
the men who became ghosts
to families in need
or the boys who returned
broken and shattered windows
never able to find a suitable casement

she lay still
in the approaching night
and listened with her whole body
to the ground beneath her
with the knowledge that
the faint scraping of the mole
or the pitter-patter of the field mouse
at dawn’s first light
could be drowned out
by the thunder of cannons

She lay still in the dark
looking up at the stars
with a dozen hours before
the sun was to wake
placed a trembling hand upon her breast
nestled into the hollow
where her heart used to rest
and she silently wished
for time
to stop

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12 Responses to Armistice…

  1. You write women better than any woman could, now that’s a talent♡

  2. Only you could write such amazingly stunning piece about the horrors of war and the impact on the beauty of man and woman kind. I am always without words to describe the depth of your poetry Eric, ❤

  3. Meghan Tregellis says:

    Sir Eric, you know how this speaks to me. And leaves me groping for words. ❤️

  4. Eric says:

    Thank you, Angela! I’m glad it made such an impression on you.

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