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A Room So Still and Quiet It Hurts: A Collaboration of Warriors

So honored to be part of this amazing group of poets to deal with a subject so critical to the existence of human kind. We need to understand depression better, what it does to us and how we can help … Continue reading

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I remember days of sun-burnt skin of aching cheeks stretching wide smiles across my teeth I, the proud explorer rover of the briny blue-green to find this jewel this atoll of benediction in a sea of doubt and long are … Continue reading

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It’s memories such as these of smell and color a palette of warm experience textures felt with the brain emotions flaring like a steam engine the gauge needle pinned to the red pressure dictates movement her muscles contract raising her … Continue reading

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there used to be a way back home it was marked here on this map that’s been folded over and over for lifetimes centuries epochs I always reached a certain point in the timestream when I would look and find … Continue reading

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Summer 1982

the humidity is a hot sticky blanket wrapped around me draped over my shoulders and turning my t-shirt with the iron-on star trek: the motion picture decal to a soaking wet rag the air rushing past my face at least … Continue reading

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A work of art She Standing there before me now The moonlight cast her in alabaster Of form and grace from ancient Greece She Holding aloft the crown of a temple Her hair across her chiseled shoulders spilled like a … Continue reading

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