Serge Marshennikov

there used to be
a way back home
it was marked
on this map
that’s been folded
over and over
for lifetimes
I always reached
a certain point
in the timestream
when I would look
and find it
neatly nestled
in the hip pocket of my jeans
when I’d had enough
when I’d tired of this existence
when the person I was
no longer resembled
the person I had become
maybe I’ve got that backwards
it was a reset switch
that took me back
to the first time
and you were always there
floating just beneath the surface
of my new skin
speaking to me in your dreams
those sleepy soft words
rolling over sensually
gathering armfuls of my soul
and snuggling against it
like a warm blanket
it’s painful for me
when you do that
but, like a doting lover
I would not disturb you
for all the wealth in the world
I’ll watch your eyes flit like fireflies
behind the lids of your eyes
lost in your own world
you’ll come for me
when you wake up
you will
I know
You’ll hear me
calling for you
and you’ll come and find me
and take me

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20 Responses to Adrift…

  1. This made me feel all kinds of ways. It is beautiful, hopeful, melancholy, aching. Wow Eric

  2. Eric, this is so beautiful, so wistful it brought a catch to my throat. If I had the words I could tell you how extraordinary your words are…reading you is a gift and I thank you for that. ❤

  3. oldepunk says:

    gorgeous piece Eric, wow!

  4. The ending is so full of beauty and emotion. Gorgeous. That mid part, with the map, folded and tucked in a jean pocket… I love that. I kept going back to that part. Such a lovely image. #mast 💙

  5. Angela says:

    Just beautiful, as always, Eric. 💜

  6. Emily says:

    Just breathtaking on so many levels ❤

  7. Speechless to describe the beauty!

  8. Jeez, you must love her! Wonderful piece of poetry!

  9. Purpleanais says:

    There is nothing I can say that would be fitting – your talent as a writer is something else ❤

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