I remember days
of sun-burnt skin
of aching cheeks
stretching wide smiles
across my teeth
I, the proud explorer
rover of the briny blue-green
to find this jewel
this atoll of benediction
in a sea of doubt
and long are the days of endless horizons
and long are the nights of breaking surf and siren song
they call to me to drown myself
in their beauty
they call to me
to return to the place where I was made
and to leave my heart
on the shore

About Eric

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16 Responses to Uncharted…

  1. Rita says:

    Gorgeous, Bro.

  2. Beautiful Eric, I adore ❤

  3. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    This is beautiful, Eric. The photo looks so familiar. It is quite suitable for the poem. There must be someone on the shore that your heart belongs to …

  4. Wow… this is incredibly beautiful. ♥

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! You know I love the water and those sirens… Beautifully done. ❤ #mast

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