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72′ Olds Cutlass…

Smoke and the smell of wood that’s been doused in too much cleaner Too many bottles of beer spilled on the particle board tables Sloshing its contents until it rolls to the floor Shattering The shards of dark glass scattering … Continue reading

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can I stay here? just capture this moment peer into it like a self-inflicted wound wondering if the wellspring of crimson before my eyes is mine? close lids and fall back into the dark listen through flesh chest to chest … Continue reading

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Ave imperato morituri te salutant!

Horns blare Gate goes up step into the sun the mob jeers my entrance I’ve carved my family crest into my thigh with this pathetic rusty blade like in Herbert’s “Dune” They don’t like that I’m supposed to belong to … Continue reading

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“What would you do for me?” She asked As the night wind tangled the strawberry blonde across her shoulders “What would you do, if I should give you my heart?” “What weight of rich man’s gold could come by the … Continue reading

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Flamethrower Heart

Originally posted on Kindra M. Austin:
I I, girl-child Deconstructed Mother fix me In your image Go for the kill Words are systematic Reconstructed Reassure you Own my image Go for the kill I will be good Words are systematic…

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But, I am no temple…

Originally posted on Dom The Blogger:
(I wrote this in response to Temple, by Eric from My Sword and Shield!!! Please check his piece out, and all of his work as he as inspired me to think out the box…

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Her heart is an artifact of ancient days of golden greek fire in sunsets and the fickle smile of a summer goddess brown waves woven between a wreath of laurels and the roaring adulation of an adoring congregation voices raised … Continue reading

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I miss you not the illusion of these temporary places where are souls are trapped I miss the electrical backlash of our flesh meeting strength sapping sting grounding out into a dull ache and deep breaths I miss the wind … Continue reading

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here in a back country crossroad in the low hanging haze of a hot summer night my footfalls are drowned by the roar of cicadas near an old oak with the august moon caught high in its branches she sat … Continue reading

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Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Blood Letting/Eric Syrdal

So grateful to be posted on this amazing site. Thank you to Christine as a host and as a wonderful poet I am proud to know.

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