I miss you
not the illusion of these temporary places
where are souls are trapped
I miss the electrical backlash
of our flesh meeting
strength sapping sting
grounding out into a dull ache and deep breaths
I miss the wind
weaving the dark threads of your hair
into the stubble at my cheeks
the way it would feel that I was anchored to you
the way I knew my heart would always be
I miss the days when nothing
but the sea
could come between us
and I would tear pages
from my heart
and send them floating back to you
on the salty surface
I know my eyes have created these waters
and I hope that every tear I shed
increases the odds that
one day this all becomes a raging ocean
and I will
standing on my flotsam island
finally sink beneath the waves
and surrender to the crushing black

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24 Responses to Memory…

  1. This was extremely surreal to read.
    Having a balanced blends of romanticism and desire!

  2. Rita says:

    Brother, this is magnificent. Truly magnificent.

  3. You generate such wonderful imagery. A picture may be worth a thousand words, your words generate thousands of pictures. Well done!

  4. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    A memory it may be, but still very much alive, in your hear. This feeling I know, all too well. Lovely, as always. 💕

  5. You always have such great images! 🙂

  6. Geetha B says:

    Lovely as usual Eric!

  7. Such desire to behold! Would that we were all so cherished!

    • Eric says:

      Thank you! Everyone deserves this type of love.

      • Agreed. The last poem I wrote today was with your poem in mind exactly for this reason. I agree – everyone deserves that type of love BUT few get it. Men more so than women (not trying to be sexist but realistic) because I believe, more (though by no means all) women are capable of really deep love stretching over time, for someone (a man often) than a man is for a woman – seems there is more of an expiry date for men when they want an upgrade (younger model). Now as far as fatherhood, that’s a different story, a good father is capable of SO much love for his kids of both genders, I have NO doubt of this. My father never told me I was beautiful in fact he told me the reverse. As your first role model that really matters. Father’s should make their daughters feel worthy. Looks aren’t everything but at that age they matter. When people told me later on I never believed them because the imprint was made with ‘you’re not’ and that’s caused a world of hurt since. My own personal experience was that a man could not and did not give me that kind of unconditional pure love. They basically didn’t have it in them for me. I am sure if I was more their type they would have. I grew up where the ideal was either a black girl or a dark skinned girl, because they were the ‘exotic’ (pretty reverse racist if you think about it) with blondes possibly bringing up the rear. But for an unremarkable mid-brown haired girl with pale skin, forget about it. It shouldn’t be that way. We should not have value attached to us because of looks but at that age that’s all we have as most boys/men are not capable of more than that – they grow into it and I’m sure some 60 year old man has the lasting power of a woman but almost by default. It broke my heart to realize I wasn’t the ideal one for any man, but I guess I made my own way anyway and maybe that was my destiny. Who can say? I feel bad for young girls now who I see, going through that. I guess I wish nature were fairer and what a girl feels for a boy could be reciprocated rather than stain her heart forever – that pain never quite leaves you.

        • Eric says:

          As always your words are at the forefront of truth. I’m so sorry for the way you were lead to believe those horrible things about you. You have to know the complete opposite is true. You are warm and beautiful and any human soul lucky enough to find yours is the richest soul ever.

          I never want to think of you with a broken heart, My Warrioress. You deserve all of the kind of love you describe and more. I desperately want you to have it. And not only you but all those who have lived like you for so long thinking themselves undeserving. You are absolutely worth every syllable of this. Love you dearly. 💗

          • Thank you. I’m over the heartbreak bit. What saddens me though, is usually the way over that hurdle is to not let anyone in, and stay cold. I’m often told that. I suppose you don’t have a choice if you’re rejected though. Anyway enough with the gender-rambles! Thanks for putting up with my toame of thoughts! I can be very TMI!

            • Eric says:

              I love your thoughts, Candice. It’s what makes you the person that I love. You are amazing. Nothing with you is TMI. I’m always here to share whatever you like. Love always, ❤

  8. And that folks is how you write a stirring poem. Love your memory for detail. 😜❤️

  9. Kindra M. Austin says:

    Wow. This is gorgeous.

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