But, I am no temple…

When I think about what I want my Poetry to leave behind and what I want to do with it…THIS! This is what I ultimately want from my poetry. To inspire, to fan the flames of other magnificent people in this world and kindle their own ability to write with their heart. For this wonderful and beautiful woman to see herself in something I’ve written and to produce this to match it. No, not match, to build upon and surpass what I have written. I can’t describe what an honor this is and how much it fills my heart with joy. This is what I want my words to do and I’m beyond words to describe how happy this makes me.

If you have not visited her before, I encourage you to go and see what how bright and powerful her fire is.

Dom The Blogger

(I wrote this in response to Temple, by Eric from My Sword and Shield!!! Please check his piece out, and all of his work as he as inspired me to think out the box so many times!)

You see me as your temple? but if only you knew me a few years back? it would probably fuck up your mental?

Would adoration be offered if you knew me when I was a shack? So open and broken? when self love and respect was what I lacked?

I used to let the village use me? so desperate to be occupied, the overwhelming blasphemy I allowed to invade my walls and later on led to just confuse me..

Okay?okay? no need to to dwell on it? I caught wind of the deceit? I emptied out what they made of me? found my self and somewhat got back on my feet?…

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6 Responses to But, I am no temple…

  1. It is always so mind blowing and affirming to realize that your words have served as a catalyst for someone else’s voice. You are both amazing and inspiring

  2. Rita says:

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

  3. Kindra M. Austin says:


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