Rodin – The Gates of Hell

“What would you do for me?” She asked

As the night wind tangled the strawberry blonde across her shoulders

“What would you do, if I should give you my heart?”

“What weight of rich man’s gold could come by the wagon load to pay for such a prize?”

“Do you think you can summon all the stars from the sky for me”

“For so Immortal a gift, would you give me the heart of the universe in return?”

She reached out
and taking his hands into hers, noticed for the first time
the deep scars in his palms

and to the question that flared in her eyes, at such a sight, he said

“They are from the first time your soul and mine were separated by death”

“I burned them on the gates of hell”

“As I went to bring you home”

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14 Responses to Remittance…

  1. Kindra M. Austin says:

    Woah. Eric, this freaking fabulous!

  2. Eric, I don’t know how you do this, a true gift . ❤

  3. Rita says:


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