Zero Gravity…

I miss green
I miss heavenly evenings
under painted clouds
with the feel of the grass between my toes

I miss the feeling
of looking at the stars
and not knowing their names
how far away they are…..what their gravity is like

I miss the wind
the way it ruffles the surface of water
and tosses old jeans and t-shirts into twisted wind socks
on the clothesline in the fading days of summer

I miss thunder
the drums of heaven
bouncing off the walls of the mountains
proclaiming that the angels have come home

I miss falling
physical or emotional
losing my balance walking on the runner of a wood fence
the feeling of my heartbeat out of control when I touch your hand

I miss the heat of the sun
on my face in the morning
when I stand on the porch with my coffee
listening to the world wake up from pleasant dreams

I miss darkness
close and comforting
while I lie awake in bed and listen
crickets, far off barking of dogs or a lonely horn of a train

I miss the blue of the sky
the smell of the ocean
the cry of a new-born baby
the pops and creaks of an old house, settling
the ticktock of grandfather clocks
the taste of wine and the smell of cooked meat on a fire

all I know here is grey
and white
and surgical steel
bulkheads and airlocks
and the ozone taste of processed air

I miss dirt on my face
and the aches and pains of toil

I want to climb down from this distant memory
and go home

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23 Responses to Zero Gravity…

  1. Rita says:

    Oh, Eric!!!! I love this ❀️

  2. What a beautiful call to gratefulness for life’s simple gifts

    • Eric says:

      Inspired by reading a page of Ray Bradbury this morning. I love to read the classic Sci-Fi writers every now and then. It recharges my poetic batteries. πŸ™‚

  3. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    This is a beautiful post, Eric. Home – a lot closer to this person than they think. If the memory is alive and missing is a reoccurring feeling, perhaps home is not a place. 😊 Ray Bradbury also wrote Fahrenheit 451, great writer. Happy you put that inspiration to good use, Eric! πŸ™‚

  4. KathrinS says:

    Wonderful poem, I really liked it.

    Kathrin —

  5. Kindra M. Austin says:

    Beautiful, and wistful. Cheers, my friend!

  6. Thea says:

    I love the combination of romanticism with the science fiction-y setting. I imagine that’s exactly how one would feel being confined to a space craft. Wonderful!

  7. Lee says:

    What an β€œatmosphere” you have created! This kind of longing may be coming sooner than we think….

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