Nature stood
when she entered the room….

Not even the grayness
and wind rippled puddles
could diminish her majesty

The cold shiver
that had harried me through the morning
tucked tail and fled
the moment my eyes found her

The storm seemed as fascinated by her
as I

The rain danced and played in her hair
swept its watery arms
around her waist
enraptured by its chance to
woo her through this minuet

A raindrop hung from the tresses
in front of her eyes
and kissed her nose
as it fell to her face
on its way to her soft lips

But the kiss was not returned

A slight blush and a turn of the cheek
came a playful sigh of frustration
to meet the frigid breeze
that flushed her pale features
and watered her eyes
as well as mine

To see such grace
from my humble box seat
my privilege
to watch her exit
from this stage

Where nature is an understudy
to her beauty

audio recording

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14 Responses to Understudy….

  1. Beautiful! Bravo Poet. ❤️

  2. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    This sounded wonderful, Eric. Rainy days are my favorite. They calm my wild thoughts and heart – but only to an extent. ❤️

  3. Rita says:

    Oh, Brother. Better and better ❤️

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Beautiful Eric. You’ve such a classic style of poetry and it’s gorgeous writing as always!

  5. interesting words man!! well written. appreciation from India!

  6. Sir can we use this piece of writing for our school story board.I will be pleased if you will allow. Sir Please state the nation if you will allow.

  7. Patty says:

    Very pleasant voice to listen too. Well done, Eric, well done.

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