Charmeuse and Chiffon…


Maybe I was here
some time
before my time
maybe I can go back
to when she was an avatar
of all my passion and joy
when, in these worlds
together entwined, we
spiraled around this dance floor
she, a living, breathing moonbeam
wrapped in charmeuse and chiffon
with lips like rose petals
and eyes of darkest night
white opera gloves against black tuxedo sleeves
pearls on alabaster and diamond cuff links
art deco framework and stained glass
crystal chandeliers and vibrant tones
escaping into the night air
as twilight stars kiss
her bare shouldered beauty
and even now
as I lean on the centuries old balcony
I close my eyes and imagine
a time
when the french doors behind me
threw light upon the manicured garden below
when the sounds of a waltz drifted
down across azaleas and juniper hedge and the light tinkling of crystal flutes overflowing with effervescent laughter
as if Gatsby himself might come up behind me, at any moment, to talk
about love….and life

About Eric

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11 Responses to Charmeuse and Chiffon…

  1. Truly breathtaking writing Eric. ❤️

  2. Eric says:

    Thank you, Angela!!! 💜

  3. nshami14 says:

    Beautiful…and then some. The imagery put me there too.

  4. Patty says:

    Marvelous way of how you brought me with you in a beautiful place in time.
    Just beautiful. XxX

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