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Half light…

And so I know, that night is my brother If not for he fire would be legend and never would I have gotten to see the beauty in her eyes by candlelight nor would there be cause for these velvet … Continue reading

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  I could feel the warmth of her even in my delirium I was all too aware of the combustible air between her skin and mine as she leaned forward her teeth nipping the end of the thread attached to … Continue reading

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Oceanus Procellarum…. Mare Tranquillitatis…. Mare Insullarum…. I lie here. Luna, my only confidant Here on my broken island in this shattered empire of which, I bear the crown The medicine I need to repair these torn wings can only be … Continue reading

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St. Charles and Robert

She defies any definition of beauty one hundred plus years old this gorgeous redhead stands tall every hour every day every year in this same place reclining against the green earth every voluptuous angle and curve of her form draws … Continue reading

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He travels down to the river shore the same time every eve’ when he returns he’ll scrape and peel the mud from both his greaves kneeling here in the shallow tide his sword drawn from its sheath he impales the … Continue reading

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What fervent fire her gaze could spark as though the very moonlight upon her raven tresses suddenly became sentient and walked its way across the space between us setting the ground aflame with her passing leaving nought but the smell … Continue reading

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Complacently we sit here on this sorrow-soaked sand and exchange stories of our youth together, like second-hand soldiers we watch the tide come in our arms, laid gently aside rusting in the brine while we bicker over sea dragon sightings … Continue reading

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We laid him down on a field of flames in the ruddy glow of sunset’s blood Upon his breast lay his shattered shield in clenched fingers was his notched blade Upon his cheeks was Woden’s sign upon his lips the … Continue reading

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33ft x 15 PSI

The first thing you notice is how blue it is here like the endless reaches of the wide open sky But there is no whistling wind in your ears just the gentle roaring of the far off surf crashing against … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
? Sigrun by RinRin Daishi Her eyes are painted with porcelain bravery bravado and battlefield-hardened she wields her weapons sarcastic razor-edged wit impenetrable oaken confidence guarding her breast all the ambition forged within…

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