33ft x 15 PSI

The first thing you notice
is how blue it is here
like the endless reaches
of the wide open sky

But there is no whistling wind
in your ears
just the gentle roaring
of the far off surf
crashing against a shore
you will never see
no opportunity to find
a bobbing green glass bottle
tumbling end over end in the foam
struggling fingers pry open
the rotten cork
jamming wet wrinkled fingers
into the ancient air inside
to drag brittle parchment
into the blazing island sunlight
to find
no word of rescue
no faded picture of better times
no yellowed advertisement
from far off memory

The next thing you notice
is how dark it is here
as the water rushes into you
salt and lack of sympathy
as the pressing becomes too much
and the shell around your heart
is crushed

hull breach

all hands lost

they’ll find the pieces on the bottom

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