He travels down
to the river shore
the same time every eve’

when he returns
he’ll scrape and peel
the mud from both his greaves

kneeling here
in the shallow tide
his sword drawn from its sheath

he impales the tip
in the silt and mud
rests his forehead on the pummel and breathes

a whispered prayer
summoned from his heart
to the goddess of the river, deep

doesn’t ask Her for gold
doesn’t ask Her for power
all he asks is a moment to speak

with his long lost love
gone these twenty years
no more for his eyes to see

and he hopes that his tears
are tithe enough
for her to answer his plea

but no answer has come
in these long ragged years
that might bring an end to his plight

and the river water drips
like the tears from his eyes
as it ends the same, every night

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