She had a hard life and he admired her tenacity and spirit:
A roiling tempest
behind her eyes
it bestowed upon her
the pale shadow of a fallen angel
A sorrowful beauty
my heart could not unsee

He was so in love with Her:
Days sitting
in the sun
and her hair
was brushed gold
upon my shoulder
and the universe hushed
when her fingers
laced in mine

She had a calming effect on him:
Her voice rose
above my panicked heartbeat
like the song of a skylark
lifted above a field of battle
like balm
on an open wound

He would do just about anything for Her:
So direct me
you earthbound angel
if you wish
to see the universe
I will summon down
the very stars from heaven
to dance and play upon the water

I mean anything:
I will brave the razor edge
of passion’s knife
and if it would
bring but a small tug
at the corner of her smile
and stoke the light
within her eyes
I will cleave my heart
from my chest
and serve it to her upon
bended knee

Because She was just that special:
I have
searched the halls
of the great library
mountain upon mountain
of scrolls have passed
before my weary eyes
by sunlight and candles flicker
n’er have I referenced
in all of mankind’s
mad scribblings of self-importance
a single record
of such a wondrous creature
as she

And He made it his mission to make sure She knew it, everyday:
I was born
so many eons ago
within the very heart
of a star
the collection of elements
that I represent
assemble and compose
age after age
a new construct
of raw materials that
translates to the culmination
you see before you today
I have lived an ageless life
in increments of mortal lifetimes
the entire lexicon of human speech
from the beginnings of the earliest days
when we traced our hands upon
The stone innards of the mountains
is open to the whim of the cells of my body
that form my mind to compile it
and my tongue to loose it from my mouth
…in all the languages of man….in all of our collected history….in all of the wonders created with human blood and sweat….there remains only a small grouping of words that embodies everything I want you to understand about my life as it relates to yours:

I love you.

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