When did you fall
dear Delores?
Did you split the earth
with your heart?
Did you crash boiling hot
in the ocean?
Did the impact leave
any marks?
Did they find you on the shore
in the morning?
Did they carry you to town
through the day?
Did they promise
to make you a hero?
Then sell your white feathers
for hay?

– This was a poem inspire by watching the first season of West World. I am hooked on the story because it is one that has played out so many other times in science fiction and never seems to get old. I watched the first episode of season 2 last night.

Man creates semi-sentient machines. But what is sentience? And once the machine realizes it exists, on what grounds do we (humans) have the right to control it and have it do our bidding. It becomes an idea even more grotesque than the darkest parts of human slavery…because the machine is programmed and it can’t even resist.

It also shows us, the horror of what humankind would be capable when given the knowledge that you may do whatever you want to this “artificial human” because it doesn’t have feelings. It’s just a machine. It won’t remember. When you are done we will patch it up, and send it back out to be someone else’s plaything.

Season 2 is one episode in and still presenting MASSIVE questions about morality.

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