Anatomy of a Kiss…

A priestess, holding a sacred chalice up to the gods
Her fingers are not those of a delicate porcelain doll
They are warm and vibrant against each side of my throat
Cradling my face
Muscles in my neck strain to resist falling to her gravity

A gentle head shake and a wicked smile
Her eyes tell me that this will not be rushed
Despite the thunder, rolling in my chest
I remain a compliant vessel

Capitulating to the rules of this engagement
A deep breath
As she decides to deftly manipulate the tender
thread of my suffering

I rearrange my hands, behind her
To rest not on rough denim
but rather the silk within the small of her back
I raise my hips against the weight of her in my lap

She sighs and raises an eyebrow

The sea inside my heart, ebbs and rushes forward as
I feel her tender hands, guiding me onward

Heaven and Earth on a collision course
yet halted…
A hair’s breath from her glorious lips

I close my eyes for a brief moment
Imagining I can cross this distance that mocks
the blood welling against my skin

In the darkness of my contemplation
I feel the warm tip of her tongue
tracing the outline of my parched mouth

I want to instantly gulp her down
Drown myself in her

My heart skips as she draws me in nearer
and our lips finally crash together
like two weather fronts converging

As we explore each other
Our mouths, locked in the dance of twin cyclones

Each seeking to fill passion’s cup
The storm rages back and forth
The barometric pressure demands that our lips
break their embrace

We gasp for air and are quickly rejoined

In between oxygen, half-words are exchanged
interjections that keep score
and orchestrate the next steps

Measure for measure, this dance continues
Until, at last, we lay exhausted and sated
upon the storm-soaked sands
of our hearts

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