Battle Prayer…

Hear me now
oh ye angels of war
bend down from
the high places
of the world and
lay thine lips upon
my blade
bury my anger
and my rage
and so
blind my senses
that I may strike true
without judgment or mercy

For I seek not to maim or wound
nor do I wish to be cruel
grant me the fortitude
to pursue my torments
and vanquish that which
wishes me ill

Be thou my remembrancer
When the battle rages
whisper unto my exhausted ears
the names of those
for whom
I have taken up my sword
Let me not forget their sanguine dreams
nor tarry in the mire of the swamps of doubt
let indecision be driven from my heart
and place within my tattered soul
A spark of your gentle mercy
That I might find honor in victory or grace in defeat
and hold mine enemies when this task is done…

….Enemies, no longer….

Id ex totis praecordiis meis
(I ask this with all my heart)

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