I believe in Good
I believe if Good exists there will be evil
I believe in Light
I believe if Light exists there will be dark
I believe in Second chances
I believe if Second chances exist there will be those who will exploit
I believe in Kindness
I believe if Kindness exists there will be cruelty
I believe in Generosity
I believe if Generosity exists there will be greed
I believe in Love
I believe if Love exists there will be hate
I believe in Hope
I believe if Hope exists there will be Despair
I believe in Mercy
I believe if Mercy exists there will be Malice
I believe in Fate
I believe if Fate exists there must be Luck
I believe in Karma
I believe if Karma exists there must be contrivance
I believe in Courage
I believe if Courage exists there must be fear
I believe in Grace
I believe if Grace exists there must be impudence
I believe in You
I believe if You exist there must be a place where you do not
And I don’t ever want to find that place

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