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Rock Bottom – featuring Eric (from My Sword and Shield…)

Originally posted on My Screaming Twenties:
I’d like to tell you a story about a mermaid who saved herself at the bottom of waters so deep you could mistake them for the midnight sky. * Her scales shimmer in sparkling…

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Disco Valkyrie…

  This battlefield no blood, but salt soaks into the floor the toil of hearts on fire where worries are sacrificed to the gods of neon and strobe I find her here among the discarded armor and arms a halo … Continue reading

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I feel you, gentle sentinel nay, not your physical form built of ash and mineral from the heart of a long dead mountain I feel your presence here in this garden, quiet solitude in evening comfort what a grand place … Continue reading

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Take my heart with you when you go… by morning or blackest night let the sound of it carry you home and in the depths of doubt drown the ceaseless voices in your head let it remind you that you … Continue reading

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fair dust but dust none-the-less her flesh would return upon a dreary grave to the earth as blessed with the same disease of a slow death was she as we from birth received upon the earth a mortal and by … Continue reading

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