fair dust
but dust none-the-less
her flesh would return
upon a dreary grave to the earth
as blessed with the same disease
of a slow death
was she
as we
from birth
received upon the earth a mortal
and by her first day’s dawning light
fairer beauty was never known to sight
to draw other hearts
from end to ragged end
of the planet we all shared
the very ground
supported her weight with a sigh
to aid such allure in ambulation
to deliver her aura
day upon day
to the wide places of her realm
and they would come to see
no fairer beauty there was than she
and Aphrodite’s verdant stare
flash fire raged in her goddess heart
then was Eros sent to bend her
toward a man, of grisly countenance
But when Cupid’s eyes found hers
the evil deed, soon forgotten
the strings of his heart
tangled within her gentle fingers
Covetous Venus
summoned her to Hades
to retrieve a box of beauty gold
and when death poured out
upon curiosity’s bold opening
it laid upon her tender cheek
a final kiss of ending

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