Disco Valkyrie…


This battlefield
no blood, but salt
soaks into the floor
the toil of hearts on fire
where worries are sacrificed
to the gods of neon and strobe
I find her here
among the discarded armor
and arms
a halo of runic fireflies dances
about her brow
like liquid flame she moves
between the blessed and the damned
oceans of cerulean spread across her shoulders
magenta storms undulate across her arms
laser and the reflections of a mirrorball sun
spread across her curves
photons embrace her as a kindred
while the pulse feedback amplificated
rhythm stitchs out a background to the sight of her
twisting like a quicksilver storm to the beat
her heart knows the words to the warsong
and it sends the shadow of the lyrics
to be pantomimed by her darkwine lips
the epics of fallen heroes
flash in her smile and the glitter around her eyes
painted the shades of an angry summerstorm
I can not contain my hope
that she is here to claim me
by taking my place at her side
and baring my warrior heart
to her judgement
I’ll reach Valhalla.


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