Rock Bottom – featuring Eric (from My Sword and Shield…)

And thank you as well, Kristi, for giving me the opportunity to lend my pen to your own wonderful words. This is a beautiful piece. So happy to be part of it!!

My Screaming Twenties

I’d like to tell you a story

about a mermaid who saved herself

at the bottom of waters

so deep you could mistake them

for the midnight sky.


Her scales shimmer

in sparkling ripples,

mimicking the stars.

Beneath the pale face of night

her hair is deep auburn

with slivers of gold.

Her skin could be moonlight;

luminous with youth,

as her tail shifts

between pearlescent pastels

and ocean blue.

The sea wraps around her

like a lover

it holds her, gentle and sweet,

in the embrace of the tide

with the ebb and flow,

during the day

in twilight waters

the waves gently tug at her fins

come and play

in the topaz and cerulean,

dance with me

in dappled rays and shoals of fish

like gems and beaded curtains

like a May fair

or a gypsy festival.

Beckoned by the current

she wishes to reach out,


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