Oracle…(collaboration with Lois E. Linkens)

Pariah! They say
with open eyes but shut mouths
I can hear the gnawing between my bones
it rests like poison honey on their tongues
like a promise, the vanishing point of a dark road
anathema laid upon my brow while I was sleeping
in this waking dream

I see myself all sandy olive brown

A smudge in gold dust, damp but for dark leaves

Like feath’ry mother arms. I am restless,

A young Soul scraping bare

For love and comfort as children’s hands in

Honey jars. I crawl, dusty kneed and 

Heavy-headed t’wards the Gods.

I stumble and fall
no arms to catch me in this concrete jungle
no high priestess in the high-rise penthouse
to cup my chin at this silicone confessional

The ground does wake,

Ears like white billowed sails — and hear they do,

A pearl voice soothes my blotchéd cheek. Good

Smoke, light and fresh as fruit fills this sunken soul.

Atë — Atë! Fair fallen goddess girl,

With sour brow and feet like deer. Curse her

Jet stone heart with tools of fear! 

But, how could the voice of a goddess speak through me?
how much longer should this exile be?
If I lay prostrate on this linoleum floor
what sacrifice can I offer, which a broken heart can afford?

Curse you, with your opal eyes —

My black grief ne’er shall be your wretched prize.


*what an amazing pleasure it was to work with Lois on this. This collaboration just fits so well together!

please visit this talented Lady at her Blog

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