Beauty Mark…


Upon the dark flames
of thine eyes
drawn down the shades of lids
and give to me thine silken hand
for within mine own, it will
a tether be, that shall draw our souls together
and I shall speak to thee
in the language of my heart
of all the things contained within
the embattled borders of our time together
trusting not our eyes to tell
but our spirit will remember
upon the shattered stone of an altar
where you smashed to earth
amid the fog of incense and prayers
to gods long dead
my heart cannot forget
when they crowned thee, Queen
and the thunderous rolling
as many knees struck the earth
in genuflection that day
and as we stood at the front
of the battle line
with ash in our mouths
all fell before thy beauty
a mark upon thy snowy cheek
a spot of deep crimson
turned to black
in remembrance of a bursting heart
a feature which, upon the view of mortal eyes
marks thee as divine
so I will tell thee not who thou are
but rather who thou were
when our hearts shared this common space
now placed upon a page
this scar upon the fabric of me
a wound of olde times
would match the form and feature
of that blade thou dost carry upon thy hip
thou hast marked me
as thine own
and it is as immutable
as that mark upon thy sweet face
which even now
rises with the tightening of thy lips
in smile or against the tide of tears
I cannot know
unless thou would permit me
to press mine own mouth to thine
and taste within
the heady wine of endearment
or the salt of regret

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