Goddess of Metal…

She was born in the bow wake
of a E minor chord
shattering through the stratosphere
the resonant tones
of her sacred timbre
have sculpted oceans of dreams
deep valleys of pain
between mountains of liquid starfire
the voice of her heart
has woven into existence
sonic personifications
of rage, hope and joy
they imprint themselves
upon the pages of my soul
a fathomless magic
that draws my spirit down
into the depths of its power
and there
I am released from the shackles
of this world
a humble supplicant
at her altar
I pray for her intercession
that with teeth and tongue
she interpose her divinity
between my mortal shell
and the hostilities of this place
wrapped in the armor of her voice
ever to trust in her
to deliver me
from that
which seeks
to harm

*Photo: Charlotte Wessels, Lead Vocalist for the band “Delain” and one of my favorite female artists.

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