Current Events: August 2018

“I couldn’t believe it. For every rain drop of sorrow that fell across this blighted wasteland of a heart. Something still stirs, from deep within the smouldering wreckage it crawls. In pain and half blind, it pulls itself free…and continues to reach for the sun.”


Even in the depths of chaos and uncertainty, The Daughter of the Ebon Flame never leaves me… My Muse is never far away.

I wrote that in answer to a twitter prompt during, I think, what has been one of the most challenging weeks of my life so far.

Since last Saturday, I have been in and out of Emergency rooms and Hospital rooms.

1st, the week before last, my father in law went in for two back to back surgeries to remove a rare form of subdermal skin cancer and then reconstructive surgery to repair the damage left behind.  Those surgeries went as expected and all seemed well….

2nd my mother was to have elective hip-replacement surgery last monday. It was expected to be a week long process ending with her return to home and a few weeks of home care rehab.

3rd Saturday, two days before my mom’s surgery. I got a call from my mother in law asking if I could take my father in law to the emergency room.

I rushed over to pick him up and took him. He was diagnosed with Diverticulosis (a severe infection inside the intestines) and placed in the hospital to receive medicine.

It took a long time to get him through that and he is finally back home, a week and two days later.

My Mom is done with her surgery, it was successful, though she suffered for a little while from side effects from anesthesia. She is in rehab now and progressing, though its been a little slow.

On the surface, it may not seem too big a task to do, to handle these events between two families…

But for me it was, because I was the only one who was able to travel between the two events and gather information for other family members who could not be there.

Also, I work for my father in law, so in his absence, I have to run the company and that is  not a small task.

One of the things that made all of this so much more agonizing than I would ever have believed is the amount of despair I was exposed to.  Being an empath, I soak up the emotions of people around me. I am a hopeful person 99.9% of my life. There are times when I look on the dark side of things…of course….but nothing like what I was exposed to in the last two weeks.  Every day, it felt like I could do nothing to shed light on what was going on…even though both events that were unfolding were progressing towards getting better…not worse.

I felt like, every day, I had to wring my heart out like a dirty rag. It was soaked in sorrow and hopelessness.  And that was the hardest part to manage.

But things are brighter now. My life is starting to return to normal.

I just wanted to place a note here to let you all know that I should be more active very soon. I was proud that I was finally catching up to all the blog entries I wanted to keep track of…

I will get there again.

Much love and best wishes to you all.


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