Tattooed – Eric Syrdal


Screenshot_20181024-084822_ChromeI want this…

want to spend hours
reading the pretty pictures
on your skin
The stories they tell
of the landscape of your heart
and the arcane protection
they provide your soul
teach me the language they speak
the syntax they manipulate
to strike flame from open air
and rain down raw beauty upon my eyes
my tongue hungers to read you
like a blind man
your goosebumps will be my braille tome
though I shall work for minutes or hours or years
to produce this involuntary response
to feel a shiver run across your aphrodisian arches
close my eyes and feel the difference
as I wander the fields of your body
explore the smooth and sweet
interrupted by the warm, wet and salty
your sounds will be my sign posts
and will satiate my ravenous soul
on the poisoned honey within your hollow bones
though I shall return

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