not in the etherium
not in the seeds of a dream
buried beneath rotten earth
the creak and wheeze of years
gone past
the centrifugal force
of this world separates
the impure
casts it to the edges
of her heart
where it gathers
like the pools of midnight
in her hair
of my soul
how fortunate my life
finds solace in the embrace of her fingers
each digit
a pillar of god
beneath the temple of her eyes


photo credit: @ambierrichards on instagram

About Eric

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11 Responses to Saved…

  1. oldepunk says:

    as beautiful as always Eric. brava Sir Knight

  2. Ah, so very beautiful! Missed you Eric ❤️

  3. Silent Hour says:

    Superheroine of my soul — now that’s a compliment!

  4. Oh Eric!!! I come back to WP and it appears as if you are on a break! This is so beautiful! I miss you friend! As always your wording is so beautiful. Thank you for this masterpiece!

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