The Candlemaker – Lois E. Linkens and Eric Syrdal

Such an amazing soul to write with. Lois has so much talent and beauty in her words. It’s an absolute pleasure, always.

My thanks, Lady Linkens.

lois e. linkens


Shifting, ragged cloth

A funerary shrouded sound

Her footfalls bring dust

Hard and grey

From the cemetery ridge

Cheeks, streaked in salt

A patchwork of wrinkles

Her breath in grieving gasp

Dry and thin

Smell of evening invades

Fingers, knuckle bone dregs

Sepulchral grime under nails

Tangle and cling to life

Tremble and shake

All for the want of an offering

Back home, the blood has pooled

And the sheets are soaked.

Raspberry leaf, fenugreek

Linger on his jacket furs.

His boots take him –

The priest with his sad, kind eyes

And black book

Await. A cold blue face, like dough.

Purple lips and running nose.

That was bottled Hope.

Better fetch it, to be sure. Fetch the Light.

And by its amber glow,

The last gold leaf of autumn,

Lift cold palms to the unknown morning.

Frankincense, to ease the needless scars,

Oily hands shine in the soft…

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2 Responses to The Candlemaker – Lois E. Linkens and Eric Syrdal

  1. sandomina says:

    So beautifully. Do visit my website and leave your thoughts.

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