By what will do I live?


aye a heart to move
crimson rivers betwixt
my wingspan
an aging man who sweeps his arms out wide
to encompass the soul of mankind
and like a hearbroken father
whispers unto his child
be still
I know that you are frightened
and I know that life is unfair
but do not throw yourself so carelessly
against the glass walls of this prison
lest you take
what is dear to me
and the sole light burning amid
this wretched and dark world
I would not see it snuffed
under the cold iron of panic and doubt


yes, tell true
without a breath of air
I cannot tell you
all the things that are written
upon my soul
all the stories there
written in secret pain
I could not take enough
wind into my lungs
to tell you of all the dreams
I wish for you to see
and how I hope that you will walk
in a garden of eternal light
when I am gone

and how I pray
that when the wind is at your back
and across the glittering sea
you watch the falling sun
slide into its shimmering bed
you will hear my voice
calling you by name
and feel my fingers in your hair
and know that where I am
I think of you

About Eric

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12 Responses to Mortality…

  1. Rita says:

    Speechless! Beyond beautiful, Brother ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Rita says:

    Beyond! You could edit for me 😊

  3. Beautiful dear Eric ❤️❤️❤️

  4. What an exquisite poem and so full of love.

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