My heart pounds…
Oh, how perfect things
had seemed just minutes ago
Before she flushed me
from my cover
I was safe and warm
inside of my
nebulous thunderstorm
listening to the sounds
of the gentle raindrops of
my indifference
softly pattering against
this verdant canopy
of polite conversation
nocturnal, idle prattle

all the while, unbeknownst to me
she tracked me
behind main courses, wine glasses
and fan-shaped folded napkins

It was the whiteness of her
canines against the deep
velvet of her painted lips
that stilled my heart
and set my ears up to listen

She, fearless, approached with
the wind at her back
Her scent encompassed
our venue
but I had not sensed
the predator within
those gentle pheromones

The touch of her hand
at the hair against her neck
The blush of her cheek
after a sip of honey wine

I was mid-sentence
when she reclined
both elbows on the table
folded her hands
and rested the scenery
of her face upon them

The pose of a reverent prayer
within this carefully
practiced religious rite
of which I was
fast becoming a believer
and its high priestess
A huntress, who would take
my heart
a trophy

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8 Responses to Prey…

  1. Beautifully sensual! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow, goosebumps. That was Gooood!

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