I started this blog in an attempt to express myself in ways that I can’t do in 100 some-odd characters.

I’m from humble beginnings.  I am a humble person but, I do have opinions which I will state here from time to time.  I am human, am capable of being wrong and sometimes I actually am.

I use commas WAY too much….and ellipses….I love those….

I have my own ideas about Religion.

I have no love of ANY politician. If I happen to compliment one from time to time…well…miracles happen.
I am often a HUGE fan of common sense.

I’m a geek and a nerd in all senses of the word…and I am proud of that.


94 Responses to About

  1. Chris says:

    Enjoying your blog…read your last few posts and they’re all great, so rather than comment on each, I thought I’d leave one central comment here. Agree so much with your outlook on Good Man or Not… Happy anniversary! 14 years…wonderful! You look like an awesome family. And the story you tell about that sad girl at the church…words fail me. Beautiful photos…

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Hi, Eric…just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog, and for the follow! I’ve enjoyed reading your work, also! Oh, elipses…my favorite punctuation! 🙂

  3. Hmm… Own ideas about religion, overuse of ellipses, fan of common sense, a geek *and* a nerd (they’re totally different, ask a geek…or a nerd). Also, your banner. I think we’re going to get along just fine. 🙂

  4. Big fan of ellipses myself…smiles. I look forward to reading your words…

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, Eric. Thank you for your sweet comment on my poem, “San Marcos.”
    For some reason it disappeared. I enjoy your blog very much and I appreciate your company. Take care, friend.

  6. Annie B says:

    So happy to have stumbled across each others path. I look forward to catching up on your blog today. I’m a tad behind as usual.

  7. MsTranquility says:

    Hey Eric! I had to delete my blog for personal reasons, but I have a new more secure one. if you want to follow, feel free to send me an email (link is in my gravatar profile) and I will send it to you asap. Take care! xx

  8. Souldiergirl says:

    Politicians suck- but you totally rock. I should write my own about section for you. “Dragonheart, Courageous and kind- completely capable of saving a broken heart with a depth of genuine love that would actually cause its scorched hope to grow again”

  9. Eric, this is for you! Your writing is always so captivating and inspiring!

  10. You sound like someone who is super cool 😉. I’m known as a dork but I’m cool with that word. I look forward to reading more of you 🙂

    • Eric Syrdal says:

      Thank you, Carisa!! I appreciate you stopping by. Dorks are very welcome here! I love them all. 🙂

      • Haha!!! Then this might be the place I hang out a lot. Thank you for reading so many of my pieces today. I’m planning on reading more of you today! My kiddo has pneumonia and been a little crazy! However, I will be reading about you today!!! Wahoooo! 🙂

        • Eric Syrdal says:

          Oh! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your little one! I hope things improve quickly. I enjoyed your work. I regret I wasn’t able to comment on them, I usually like to leave a comment.

          Please make yourself at home here! And welcome again!

          I’ll get back to reading your work again later on tonight.

          Thanks again for being here!

  11. Ms. Vee says:

    I don’t how I missed your “About” page, it’s usually the first thing I look at before following a blog. I just want to know….what you’re about. LOL! I feel special…you have complimented me! 🙂

  12. Eric Syrdal says:

    Thanks Ms Vee. I appreciate your presence here, so much!!!!!

  13. moonskittles says:

    In other words Spock himself 😀
    Happy to have stumbled on your blog Eric 🙂

  14. HI Eric, I have nominated you for a writing challenge. I thought you might like this one! If you are interested, please follow the link: https://jennifercalvertwriter.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/5-day-photostory-challenge-day-3/

  15. Joining your ranks. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  16. Hi Eric, I’m Elizabeth’s friend. Hope you don’t mind me tagging along…

  17. maharedwynn says:

    Hello, Eric… I found you through Vic’s blog. Your poetry is just amazing! I’m very new to blogging, but I’ve been writing for a while myself. Looking forward to following along!

  18. I don’t know why I never read this page before… but I really never thought I’d find anyone who loves ellipses as much as I do! I can’t control myself… they are everywhere. Also a nerd… who questions religion… and adores common sense (which so many people lack). Oh, I tend to use parentheses too much as well. Apparently, I have a lot of punctuation issues. 🙂

  19. chesca says:

    I just happened to find your blog. And I absolutely love it. This is a unique view point. I feel that I found another weird creature like me! I haven’t yet expressed my thoughts fully in my blog. I hope to learn more from your pieces 🙂

    • Eric says:

      Hello Chesca. Thank you so much for visiting. I’m always happy to meet a new friends. Welcome!

      I’m glad you find my writing interesting and please feel free to look around as much as you like.

      I love talking about my work so feel free to comment too!

      I’ll check your blog out as well.

      So nice to meet you.


  20. Megha says:

    I just love your work.

  21. vinnieh says:

    I really like your blog.

  22. This is a really revealing and entertaining about page. I love it! I look forward to reading everything you produce on here 😊

  23. Happy to find you, via Dr Meg. I look forward to reading lots more of your work.

  24. Your About me made me smile.

    To hell with Politicians. Sense of humor is the way to go about life and happiness.

    I am currently following your page. Reading this Bio of yours I am curious now to read your work. 🙂

    A pleasure to make your acquaintance. 🙂

  25. DanicaPiche says:

    Hi Eric! I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award, here is the link: https://danicapiche.com/2017/02/22/blogger-recognition-award-writers-edition/
    I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you’re unable to participate please accept this gesture of my appreciation. 🙂

  26. Meghan Tregellis says:

    Hi Eric, I hope you can figure out who this is! I’ve had some issues and I’m starting over with a pen name. Sorry for the obfuscation but I’m doing my best to be discreet as I contact my friends. ❤

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