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The background noise you hear is the screaming of my soul amplified and echoing over the eons it is a constant cacophony within my skull it is the traumatized keening of a tortured mind on fire it is my desperate … Continue reading

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Ermine and crown she makes her way down to the bowels of the castle deep An oath left to swear heavy burden, she bears where the ghost of her yesterday sleeps She is style and grace her footsteps fill the … Continue reading

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Sitting on the edge of the night remembering when I could take flight the stars above the surf below where fireflies and mermaid’s lanterns glow here on this island no day and no night chasing the dreams of childhood in … Continue reading

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There is an unquenchable fire in her my mouth still feels the sting of her kiss my senses still echo with flame and ash charcoal on the tip of my tongue As she lays now gently on this bed of … Continue reading

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After Hours: Falling

Originally posted on Go Dog Go Café:
I stand before you More naked More stripped Down Than I have Ever been Vulnerable Unsteady ? I have always thought Falling in love Would be a gentle Drop backwards Gracefully landing Onto piles…

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  They say she was born in that massive thunderstorm in 66′ They didn’t mean she come into this world through her mother What they meant was that the lightning came down and split the ground like Aphrodite rising from … Continue reading

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AFFLICTION – Kindra M. Austin

Originally posted on A Forum for Divergent Literature:
What do you mean to me? No goddamned clue. But I know I’m in deep blue like with you, boy, when you stand on the corner of nineteen hundred and eighty-seven, wearing…

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The night was cold well, cold for their southern clime a chill wind blew down from the north and tangled the Spanish moss in the arms of the oaks gas lamps guttered as the street cars rumbled on and even … Continue reading

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She stood at the rail, looking away from me the blue in her eyes was the same as the sea the storm that gathered in the western sky was not the cause of her heart-shattering sigh “I can’t stay here” … Continue reading

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The Dark…

I ran to the edge of the forest and howled into the dark but your soul did not answer only the wind And the laughing of coyotes I used my last piece of fire days ago watched it die in … Continue reading

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